What’s a Sell Sheet?

A couple days ago, I was asking myself this question. Thank goodness for Google.

Finding Sara is available in e-book format. Once it’s available in paperback (soon!) I’ll be able to set up signings. But I’ll also be looking to let independent book stores know it exists, and this is where Sell Sheets come in.

The Sell Sheet lets the bookseller know a bit about the book, including where they can buy it. It’s supposed to contain a brief author bio with contact information and links to the author’s online presence. There should be a rating of sorts for the book – who’s the target reader? Is it suitable for kids? And it should have recommendations from someone in the publishing industry more important than I … that’s just about everyone. 🙂

It’s an ad. It needs to catch the eye and build interest.

Here’s the front page of my Sell Sheet-in progress.

And here’s the back page.

It’s way more work than I expected. I actually managed to draw Sara’s horse! 😀 MS-Word isn’t probably the best choice of software, but it’s what I have, and it’s adequate. I’ll work on it a bit more before it goes out, but I think this is a good start.

Until the paperback is available, the Kindle version of Finding Sara is available here.

All this marketing stuff is time-consuming, but necessary. And this is why I haven’t posted the next Baby Blue Barn story. Next week for sure. Might even be about Louise. 🙂


4 thoughts on “What’s a Sell Sheet?

  1. You and me both, Linda. 🙂
    I ran it past a local bookseller, and she was excited to have the ISBNs and Ingrahm info included. The sheets going to book stores should have pricing info, but I don’t have that yet.
    I plan to have a set for Joe Public (retail pricing only, a list of local booksellers who carry the book, and an Amazon link), and a set for booksellers (their price from Ingrahm).
    Woo hoo! 🙂

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