Finding Sara

The new cover for Finding Sara

The new cover for Finding Sara

Sara Morgan sees herself as an outcast with no hope of a normal life. Her best friend is her horse, and her only dream is to ride at Rolex, the most prestigious equestrian event in the USA.

Reaching her goal would be difficult enough if she were normal, but twenty-five-year-old Sara is anything but. She’s been in a mental hospital, she hears voices in her head, and she has no memory of mowing down her abusive ex-husband with a truck. Under the watchful eyes of her father and legal guardian, Sara attempts to build a life of her own.

Enter Paul, a geeky software engineer who collects yogurt cups and plastic bags. Short, bald, and a bit of nerd, he’s never had a girlfriend, and he falls for Sara in a big way. With the help of Cassie, Sara’s pushy friend from college, Sara and Paul sort out the awkward, confusing and often amusing trials of new love.

In this funny and frightening story of courage and hope, Sara walks a dangerous path. Unaware that an awful secret hides in her dreams, she just might be a danger to herself and others. Her life is a lie, and not everyone is on her side.

Finding Sara will be re-released in May 2013.


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I know this brief New England heatwave has been uncomfortable (understatement) for a lot of people.
But dayam, it turned the crisp September pond into bathtub August, and it gave a few lucky people a chance to relive the summer that wasn’t. My neighbor and I spent more time in the water in one week of fall than we did in July and August combined.
All good things end. I swam last night at midnight beneath a DreamWorks moon, just as the wind picked up and began sweeping the humidity away. I stood on the dock with arms outspread and let that wind flow across my skin, wishing I could bottle up the moment and trot it out in December. Or January. Or March.
I slept with the sound of acorns slamming onto our metal roof and pelting my dad’s new car.
This morning, I walked 3 miles rather than diving immediately into the pond. There were hardly any gnats bouncing off my lips, a sure sign of fall. It’s strange how so many leaves seem to be falling without first changing color.
The water will be a bit cooler every day now, until it gets to where I can’t make myself step off the dock. Until then, I’ll swim the magical waters and close my eyes and make memories.
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