I’m Alive!

For anyone on tenterhooks, wondering how I fared with the whole one percent thing, I’m here to tell you, I clung vailantly to the ninety-nine. The surgery was totally successful, and I’ve had zero complications.

Yesterday, a week and a day post surgery, something amazing happened.

There was a moment when my posture changed. My chest lifted, and my core tightened without conscious effort on my part. My muscle tone returned. My eyes opened soooo wide. The way I walk went from good-enough to something kinda geaceful – more finely controlled. It was like flipping a switch and returning to a state that’s been buried and gone for a long, long time.

When this started, I was out for a walk, and I wanted so badly to sprint all the way home. My feet were dying to run, and I didn’t let them, because it’s too soon. Real exercise is not yet allowed. I told them, “One more week.” So they’re waiting with the impatience of a good dog with a cookie on his nose.

I think what I’m feeling is increased circulation to the cerebellum, which has been starved by the loss of a vertebral artery and probably not getting what it needs through collateral circulation, what with the nearly-gone carotid. Vessels are rerouting and enlarging, and tissue long dormant is waking up.

The only bad part is, I’m feeling kinda euphoric, which has me wide awake at nearly midnight. And I can’t help but think, when the time is right, I might look for a borrowed horse and find out if maybe I might remember how to ride.



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