The Day we Bombed New Ipswich (Part Two)

Part One is available here in this incredibly hard-to-see light blue link: Part One

I want to thank everyone who read and shared and commented on Part One of this pipeline series.

Just when I begin to think that most of New Hampshire has been taken in by Kinder Morgan’s propaganda machine, thousands of citizens let me know they are smarter than that. The hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by Kinder Morgan on radio ads and television ads and payments to community leaders, augmented by the rhetoric spouted by our bought-and-paid-for elected officials, have not fooled everyone.

Governor Maggie Hassan, who uses the word NIMBY to marginalize and silence the citizens she’s sworn to serve, has shown herself to be the ultimate NIMBY. She’s happy to welcome the NED pipeline into other people’s backyards (not hers, of course) as long as she builds alliances with those who will fund her future political aspirations.

Thing is, the New Ipswich compressor station has a huge backyard. The pollution vented from this piece of real estate will travel a hundred miles with the prevailing winds.

Maybe more.

It will be in everyone’s backyards.

In Governor Hassan’s latest attempt to appease the public, she asks for “meaningful access for people” by providing more scoping meetings. These are meetings between citizens and FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that FERC is not funded by our tax dollars and does not work for us. It is funded by the fees it charges the entities it “regulates.” Therefore, in this instance, FERC works for Kinder Morgan.

FERC’s mandate is to “assist the applicant through the process,” and they’ve never met a pipeline they don’t like.

It is important to understand that We the People are not part of FERC’s mandate.


So, below is a bit of footage of a FERC representative, filmed at the close of a scoping meeting. He sat through hours of public comment outlining environmental concerns. Sadly, he failed to hear any of it.

So, thank you, Governor Hassan, for providing “meaningful access” to more lip service while you sit on your hands and do nothing.

Meanwhile, Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen pat our heads and tell us they will FIGHT for TRANSPARENCY! It’s an intelligent-sounding word, being as it has four syllables and all. But what it means is this:

Our elected officials refuse to stand up for our rights. They will not fight for that which is just and fair. They will not bite the hand that will someday slip them PAC money if they play nicely today.

What they will do is use the latest feel-good buzzword that sounds smart and informed, but means nothing. They will make sure we have an opportunity to speak and not be listened to.

Transparency means that we will have our eyes wide open when Kinder Morgan comes to rape us.

Already, affected homeowners are being told by their insurance companies that their coverage may be dropped. They’re being told by their mortgage lenders that their mortgage may be due in full the day that pipeline appears in their backyards.

Darn NIMBY’s, complaining about nothing.

They’re just poor sports.

Right, Maggie?




Do you wonder why we’re having an explosion of pipelines sprouting up all over the USA? It’s because energy providers are in a rush to extract every last puff of natural gas from the earth, damning the consequences—destabilizing our earth’s crust, increasing carcinogens and other disease-producing particles in our air, speeding up global climate change, poisoning our groundwater, devaluing affected properties . . . the list goes on.

This is because they have to hurry. There’s not much time left to cash in on this bonanza before the world realizes we have outgrown the need for fossil fuels. We have the technology to move forward with clean energy TODAY.

What we lack is infrastructure.

So why are we paying for more fossil fuel infrastructure? Remember the part where we are paying for this pipeline? Even though it is not for us? Just so Kinder Morgan can make billions, increasing the price of this natural gas by bringing it through New Hampshire to the world market?

Wouldn’t you rather see your hard-earned dollars spent on an infrastructure that benefits New Hampshire? That brings clean and sustainable energy to our homes and businesses now? Doesn’t that make more sense than having our money taken from us and used to build an export pipeline that raises our fuel prices and pollutes our land and sickens our people and depletes our national reserves?

If so, then write to your governor and your senator and your state rep. You too should experience the teeth-grinding thrill of receiving a form letter response that addresses none of your concerns. It’s eye-opening, to say the least.

It’s similar to this:

Dear Governor Hassan, I am writing to ask your help in preventing a profound ecologic and financial hardship that is about to forever change our state, and has far-reaching ramifications for the future health and safety of the entire globe.

And she answers with, “I like tennis, too!”

The state of New Hampshire IS New Ipswich’s backyard. This issue adversely affects us all. This is New Hampshire’s fight. This is the world’s fight. Do not remain silent in the face of government-sanctioned profound injustice.

Put up your dukes.

Live free or die.


6 thoughts on “The Day we Bombed New Ipswich (Part Two)

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  2. Another most excellent piece to share! Thank you Nancy for expressing what so many of us are experiencing so deep in our bones!

    • In New York State, we are fighting the pipelines that would feed the ones in New England that are bound for export, as well as trying to help our PA neighbors fighting fracking right next to their homes and schools.

  3. Thank you Nancy for donating what you do well to this cause. If everyone contributed a little bit of what they do then perhaps the sum of our strengths would beat the strength of their sums.

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