Roof Raking


SAM_2754This winter started out easy with warm temperatures and almost no snow. Then, things changed. Roofs in the area started collapsing beneath the weight of the snow, so I figured I’d best get out there and do some preventive shoveling.

Here we are (above) with the roof partially cleared. I shoveled it from a ladder. Shoveling is easy. Dragging the ladder through nearly 4′ of snow is not easy.

Today, we cleaned the rest of the roof, and here’s what I learned.

1. When your feet go out from under you, it is possible to hang on by your fingernails, even through gloves.
2. If it’s possible to reach the peak, that’s a good place to start.
3. If it’s not possible to reach the peak on foot, try the breast stroke.
4. The snow at the peak is deeper than it looks.
5. The snow at the peak is shaped like a wave, complete with arch and hollow. I can pretend to shoot the curl. Then I can make an awesome fort. And then I can knock the fort down on my head.
6. I should put my hood up before knocking down the fort.
7. I should have brought my camera.
8. If I start high and work down, there’s a snow bank to prevent my fall.
9. If I’ve already shoveled the lower roof, there is nothing to prevent my fall.
10. Dangling from a safety harness is only fun for the first couple minutes.
11. It’s a good thing I can still climb a rope.
12. I’m Batman.
13. I gotta unclip the harness sometime.
14. Once the harness is unclipped, I can ride my shovel down the roof like a sled.
15. Wheeeeee!
16. Thank goodness for soft landings.


Where’d my house go?


3 thoughts on “Roof Raking

  1. Yepper. Been there, done that. This year I paid friends to have my mobile home’s roof shoveled. I hear that in Massachusetts, price gougers are charging over $2k to shovel roofs! Good money, I guess, if you can get it. πŸ™‚

  2. I loved reading these blogs. The house maintenance ones appealed the most, as my husband and I had a house in Colorado that just about broke us. I wouldn’t call it a money pit, but close. Funky layout, which is why we loved it, but oh, the work… painting – I experienced Behr paint problems outside as I too thought I could paint the house! I hate heights too, and even got on a giant extension ladder to paint the second floor siding. Only to have the most wicked 2013 spirng hail storms strip the paint off the trim, and ding the siding. Caulking, cuz who knew the sun here in Colorado could be so brutal to a house! The main water line broke, and after much debate with contractors and water company, we rented a mini excavator and dug a new line. We thought tree roots were the problem, but as soon as we got near the house, there was the crack. After we had been advised to dig from the street in, instead of from the house out. Our house sits on a l/2 acre lot, but it felt like a mile from end to end. sigh. Who knew Colorado rain storms could produce flooding in basements! Twice, we had mega floods. Unbelievable. No longer fun. Sold it. Cuz we really want to move to NH this summer. So thank you for making me feel not alone in the struggles of home ownership! πŸ™‚

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