Adventures in Home Repair, Part 1

It started in July.

Normally, I’m a massage therapist by day and a writer by night. But for the last several months, I’ve been a carpenter’s assistant by day, massage therapist nights and weekends, and a writer hardly at all.

It’s time to rectify this situation, so everyone’s invited to follow me through this adventure in home repair. It’s fun! Well, it’s fun for me, anyway, but we all know I’m kinda weird.

The house hadn’t been painted in a while, so there was peeling and flaking, and there were wasp nests and hornet nests. We didn’t own an extension ladder, and the power washer was leaking. So, after a bit of discussion, Jim and I decided that we must buy ourselves a good ladder and a decent power washer, and I’d get off my butt and paint the house in my copious free time.

Only problem—I’m scared shitless of hornets, and I’m deathly afraid of heights.

I was willing to suck it up, though, face my fears, risk being attacked by hornets and hurling myself backwards off the ladder. Besides, I could start low and work my way up, right?

It wasn’t long before most of the house looked like this. Low parts painted, high parts, not so much. I loved the color, and I was feeling pretty darn pleased with myself. Life was good.


Then my trusty power washer blew through the corner of the house.

SAM_1877Seems there’s been a problem with the downspout, and, well, the house suffered a bit of rot. Okay—quite a bit of rot. This is the corner of the main house where it meets the sun room addition.

Isn’t the corner supposed to hold the house up?

Fortunately, I know a guy who can fix just about anything. He wasn’t available until fall but, by Mid-September, he introduced me to the fine art of demolition. 😀

SAM_1909I’ll let you in on a secret. I like tearing things apart. No one was as surprised to find this out as I was.

Seems the sill on that sun room had also rotted. Oh joy! More demolition!

SAM_1908We jacked that puppy up and replaced it, easy peasy. Since we couldn’t very well assume the rest of the house was okay, we decided to strip all the siding and inspect the plywood and the frame and make sure we had a nice, sound structure.SAM_1915 SAM_1949Like any good repair project, this one snowballed. The genius who installed the storm windows added trim, but failed to extend the flashing over the trim. The result was leaking windows and rot beneath them. So . . . in addition to repairing the frame, we decided to replace the windows.

SAM_1972Are we having fun yet?

And so began our adventures in home repair. It’s mid-December now, and we’re still at it. All will be well. Eventually. The house is already stronger than it was when it was first built, almost certainly by a well-meaning but none-too-bright uncle with no clue and too much beer.

Stay tuned. 🙂



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