Danger! Or Not.

Earlier today, I walk out into the yard, and I hear this hissing sound. Immediately, my mind jumps back to the day the power line rubbed itself raw on the branch of a cherry tree, and there was arcing and smoldering and lots of hissing and crackling and DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!

We had the Fire Chief and the power company and neighbors with marshmallows and graham crackers and chocolate bars. Not a whole lot happens here in Mason, and this is about as good as it gets. I probably ought to get hot dogs out of the freezer, but first I have to confirm that we do, in fact, have a repeat of the burning tree.

So, here I am, in a low stance (like that’s gonna save me), creeping toward the hissing sound, trying to get a visual on what’s causing it, sure I’ll be fried by electricity any. moment. now. And I realize the sound is coming from the big lilac bush.

The lilac bush?

So I creep closer and closer, straining my eyes, ready to run, until I see – what the heck? – water running down the leaves from about halfway up the bush, dripping to the ground. I look above the bush, fully expecting to see Joe Btfsplk’s perpetual rain cloud. But the sun’s out.

For a moment, I wonder if the water line to the barn could have blown, but no – that’s nowhere near the lilac bush.

That’s when the obvious dawns. Someone who shall remain nameless (Jim) left the water on when he cleaned the gutters yesterday. The hose, buried in the un-mown lawn, finally sprung a leak, and the leak is right up against the trunk of the lilac, so I can’t see the water going up – just coming down.

The truly amazing part of this – the well did not run dry. Life is good.


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