My homemade hummingbird feeders have one drawback: The straws I used were big enough to allow hornets to walk right through them. So today, I added bee guards.



I used a little piece of tulle cloth, a felt target, and a smaller straw (one small enough to fit inside the original straw).






I couldn’t make my camera focus on this, but it’s just tulle wrapped around the end of the straw.





Add the target.








Glue in place.





Trim the tulle. Trim off excess straw, and add glue to the back.







Before the glue sets, push the straw into the larger straw.SAM_1571




And voila! A bee guard. 😀



Now your hummingbirds are less likely to have to deal with this. Hummingbird vs Hornet


2 thoughts on “Hornets!

  1. That is so very clever! And you are so creative and industrious! I’d like to mention that I am possibly the only person on the planet who has been stung by a hornet while asleep. In my own bed. It was like being stabbed with a hot needle. AND, the trauma caused a cyst to form which I eventually had to have removed surgically. Needless to say, I hate hornets. I have terrible local reactions to insect bites and stings, but no anaphylaxis except from fire ants. As far north as you live you don’t have to deal with those evil beings.

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