Reclaiming the Yard

Over the last several years, my yard has been ignored. This is mostly due to health issues—Lyme disease and the Hashimoto’s and a bazillion food sensitivities left me too sick to do much in the way of gardening, so everything is overgrown.

Thanks to a wonderful naturopathic physician, I am now (drum roll) all healthy and filled with energy and enthusiasm. So what am I doing?

Reclaiming the yard! 😀

First, Jim and I replaced the retaining wall.


The new wall is way safer to walk on than the old one. 🙂

I celebrated by putting fresh dirt in the planter and tossing in some portulaca seeds. There were marigolds, too, but the woodchuck ate those.


Then I yanked up the old bricks. Yippee!








Cleaned and leveled.








And then I put them back with the seams all rubber-mallet tight. Unfortunately, this left me about thirty bricks short. Darn.










So I stole bricks from the adjacent walkway, scrounged some from friends, and now I only need maybe six more. So yay!

Next, of course, I had to resurrect the planters alongside the walkway. I’ve been planting all sorts of stuff there only to have it eaten by woodchucks, so I bought a bunch of plants on sale at Walmart (who can say no to $9 blueberry bushes?).

I lined them all up along the driveway. Why? I wanted to see what the deer and woodchucks ate and what they ignored.


These were ignored. And they’re kinda pretty. Unfortunately, I’ve already lost their tags and forgotten what they are.









Somebody ate all the blooms off the phlox, which is fine by me since I planned to chop them all off anyway. I assume they’ve been sprayed with something harmful to hummingbirds and butterflies and bees, so they were destined for some enthusiastic pruning. (Yup – I took all the blooms off all the plants. Next year.)

Then I ordered eight yards of bark mulch. It wasn’t as huge a pile as I’d hoped.

The last few days have been spent weeding and bark mulching and planting the new plants in the empty spaces that have a way of showing up once I’ve pulled out the weeds. Everything is in the ground except for the blueberry bushes, and I hope to get those done this evening. Tomorrow at the latest.

So far, so good. 😀








It’s a start. I still have another seven planter areas to reclaim. But I will take back my yard! I may even sweep the excess sand off the bricks someday. And paint the house. So there. 😀


One thought on “Reclaiming the Yard

  1. This is phenomenal Nancy. I showed it to my husband, Henry, who has done a very similar task to landscape our driveway. The ‘pavers’ as we call them were given by neighbours here. Like you, he is a few short at the finish line! We understand very well. However, in Henry’s case, he took about a month to get this done as he had to keep moving dirt to fit the landscaping part. We can now open the car door while parked instead of it swinging back, the purpose of the project. Later, he intends to remove the pavers and concrete a full driveway. The pavers act as a footing and ‘shapeshifter’ of dirt below. But I love them… I adore this post. Thank you. Marie Seltenrych Aussieoibooks [Editing, Publishing, Graphic Art] Queensland, 4019 Australia


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