I Hate My Books

I occasionally announce something about my books, but I hardly ever just talk about them. Honestly. So here’s my attempt to rectify this oversight.

I hate my books.

Okay. I don’t always hate them. But I often do. Then I force myself to step back and be objective. And . . .

FS ebook coverI mostly like my first book Finding Sara, but I have some issues with it. Sara delivers a good story and has what I think is a satisfying ending. All the loose ends are tied up. I’m fond of my characters. The climactic scene is, I think, well written. The book is very well edited with a lovely cover. It works, and it’s worth reading.

But it was the first thing I ever wrote that was longer than a high school essay, and the writing itself is, in my opinion, competent but nothing special. There are lovely passages, but there are also missed opportunities, and some of the decisions I made weren’t, I think, the best way to tell the story.

One example—if I were writing it today, I wouldn’t bring in a third POV. Instead I’d let the mystery ride to the end and let the reader keep on wondering who the real villain is.The reader wouldn’t learn the truth until Sara learns the truth.

It’s fine as-is, but I think it could be wonderful with a few changes. Maybe one of these days I’ll rewrite it.

Gracie Front Cover1Saving Gracie, on the other hand, I’m pretty darn happy with most of the time, and I usually don’t hate it at all. I just plain adore my characters. The writing is exactly what it should be for the genre and tone. It has more teeth than a cozy without getting horribly violent, and the sex (yes, there is a bit) is fairly PG and humorous. So even sensitive readers can enjoy Gracie without fear. The plot is convoluted and keeps the reader guessing, and it all makes sense in the end.

So, I have to admit that I’m proud of Gracie, and I feel no need to pull it back out and rewrite it.This is unusual for me. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a year or so and start complaining about all the mistakes I made.


One thing I’ve noticed—most women readers are fond of Marcel, one of the two main characters in Saving Gracie, but about 30% of men find him weak and wishy-washy and insufferable and too darn nice. So bear that in mind. If you’re looking for a mystery, and you’re a macho sort of guy, you may find Marcel frustratingly girly.

Run away while you can.

I want to thank all the people out there who’ve read my books. I get all giddy when someone sends me an email saying they like something I’ve written. Makes my day. 😀

For a moment, I hate them less.


2 thoughts on “I Hate My Books

  1. Nancy,

    Keep in mind that once your book is out there, it no longer matters what you think of it…only what readers think of it. I could name several authors who have books not well written and they are best selling…but, that would be name-calling and make me look petty and jealous of their success…which I am not. I’m merely pointing out, that many times readers love a book if it’s well written or not. They get caught up the story and overlook many things that we, as writers, dwell on! Just be happy with it and move on!


    • I am happy. 🙂 I also think I can do a better job now that I have a couple more years of writing under my belt. So why not?

      The great thing about having chosen to go it alone is, I can make changes any time I like. I don’t see myself wanting to play with Gracie; I like it the way it is. Sara, though, has unrealized potential. One of these days, when I’m not so caught up in writing new stories, I might just do it over.

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