Promotional Tools for Indies

I’ve been quiet for a while. I’m enjoying this slow, cold, but welcome spring, and I’ve been indulging in laziness. It’s time to get off my butt.

Most people know I’m promotion-averse. I write for the joy of writing and, while I do hope to someday make a living off my books, I expect that day to be many years in the future. For now, I write the best book I can, I kick it out the door, and I forget it exists.

Then I get to work writing the next book. 😀 I also research and test drive promotional opportunities that sound interesting, are cheap or free, and that aren’t terribly in-your-face. This way, when I’m ready to do some serious marketing, I’ll have my tools lined up.

One place I found is, a site devoted to bringing review bloggers into contact with people who want their products reviewed. This place rocks! You join (the first month is free), and you post a request for reviews. And (drum roll) review bloggers contact you.

Yes! Bloggers ask for the privilege of reviewing your book! And an e-copy is just fine, so there’s no cost to you. How great is that?

Now, with Tomoson, it is likely your book will be reviewed alongside toothpaste and feminine hygiene products, maybe kids’ toys, possibly date planners and scrapbook supplies. But hey—your book may stand out better that way, all by itself, without a bunch of books alongside it. I see Tomoson as an opportunity to break into markets that might otherwise be tough to reach. The time investment is minimal, the first month is free, and the rewards are potentially great.

Let’s move on to Indie Author Land. What a wonderful find this was! This site is new to me, although I suspect it’s well known to others. IAL offers many free author promotional services.


Go and look!

Submit an author interview. Ask them to promote your new release. Tell them about your countdown promo. They’ll send your news out all over social media, and it won’t cost you a dime.

One free service is for new releases. Here’s the promo they posted for me today. I think they did an awesome job.

That’s all I have for now, but as I find new inexpensive or free promotional opportunities, I’ll continue to post them here. Now that the snow is gone and the wildlife is returning, I’ll get back to posting other things, too.

Life is good.




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