Saving Gracie is Now Available!

It’s been a long haul, but Saving Gracie is finally available on Amazon and Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. So yippeeeee!

This little murder mystery is dear to my heart, because it takes place in a small community much like my home town, and I adore the characters:

Gracie Ouellette is an older woman who talks to ghosts and therefore lives a home for people with special needs. She’s bullheaded and opinionated, and she’s not gonna act her age just because other people think 75 is old.

Officer Marcel Trudeau is a young police officer who’s having a heck of a time being a good cop while trying to be everyone’s friend. With his ex-girlfriend Dayna Pelletier back in town, he’s hoping to rekindle old flames. But Dayna—she has other things on her mind.

Then there’s Candy Thompson, the outspoken beauty who just might be our killer, and Molly McLoughlin, Gracie’s tenderhearted caretaker, who’s as much a suspect as anyone.

Hannah is a pushy ghost and a thorn in Gracie’s side, or she might just be Gracie’s hallucination of the week—hard to tell. And Scout—can’t forget the beagle who seems to know more about the murder than anyone.

If you want to take a look, there’s more information and a sneak preview here. I can promise a twisty-turny mystery with a dose of romance, a bit of mayhem, just enough suspense, and lots of laughs along the way.


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