Saving Gracie – Cover Mockup

The cover image is © Vladimir Morozov, model Megan O'Malley.

The cover image is © Vladimir Morozov, model Megan O’Malley.

A while back, I spotted a photo on the web, and I fell in love. This image exactly represented a character in my current novel-in-progress Saving Gracie.

But it was too beautiful, too professional, too perfect to be something I could possibly afford to license. Even so, I couldn’t help myself—I had to try, right?

Using the photographer’s copyright notice, I tracked down his website, and from there, I found his facebook page.

The image had just won a contest, and it was posted on his wall along with many congratulations. I added mine, and I said it would be perfect for the cover of my book.

Two minutes later, my comment had been liked…by the model and her mother.


Then the photographer replied saying this was something we could talk about.

My heart about jumped out of my chest.

I made sure to tell him I’m a nobody and unlikely to generate much exposure. He said that was okay – he’s a nobody, too. We worked out the terms, and…WOW. This is going to be a cover I can be proud of. I’m still astounded every time I look at it.

Here’s a mockup of the cover. I’m so excited—I can’t thank photographer Vladimir Morozov enough for making this possible. And a big thank you also goes to the model Megan O’Malley. Wonderful work, both of you!


10 thoughts on “Saving Gracie – Cover Mockup

  1. Hi Nancy,
    What a find! It is totally awesome and would suit the cover of my first book too! How I wish I had spotted it. What a face the model has, such beautiful eyes and skin and the hair! You have scored a big goal. Have you got the photographer’s link. I want what you have! I wish you success abundant with this cover. Congratulations to you also for being so alert and quick off the mark to win this race.

    • Thanks Nancy, what a quick reply, you genius! I am Irish born Australian, so that is cute to know.
      I will check this out and let you know if anything eventuates. My first adult novel was based 50% in Ireland and was about a tinker with golden hair!! Thank you so much, Nancy…

  2. Wow, lovely image. However, I would strongly advise against using the hair on the spine and back cover – it just makes the book look too hairy! A lovely solid colour, contrasting like a slate grey or within the same pallete as the photograph, would look much sleeker, in my opion.

  3. Thank you, Sophie! I’ve been doing lots of mockups, and I’m not done yet. 🙂

    My main concern with using a contrasting color would be quality control. When the spine fold comes exactly where it’s supposed to, a nice solid contrasting color is great. But printing will be outsourced to various printers, and I expect quality may vary. If the fold is off, I’ll end up with a line down the left side of my front cover. (I hate that.) So wrapping the background image is preferable if it can be done – gives me a safety net.

    Lots to think about. A solid color sure would be easier. 😀

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