I saw an adult fox today. 😀

The crows were hollering like they always do when there’s a fox afoot, and a moment later, a big red fox walked into the yard. He looked taller and leggier than the one I’ve been seeing, so maybe it’s the kit’s father.

He saw me and took off fast, so he didn’t get to interact with the kit. But for now I’ll assume the little guy has a surviving parent. Yay! I was darn near ready to trap it and hand it over to a wildlife rehabilitator.

I’ll keep an eye on the little one from a distance, and as long as he looks healthy I’ll assume all is well. I do hope they stay around. With foxes instead of woodchucks in that hole, I might even have a garden this year.


3 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. I’m not sure a Dad is as good as a Mom, but if a kit is eating eggs, I assume it’s weaned! When I lived in Iowa (briefly), a woodchuck dug a burrow under a shed of the house next door to mine. It would come and pig out on apples from the apple tree in my yard. It was so cute! It would stand on its hind paws and hold the apples in its forepaws and munch away. Then the guy next door filled in the burrow. (I hope the woodchuck was away from home at the time.) Anyway, that was the end of that. I never saw it again. I can see, though, how a woodchuck would put a damper on a garden.

  2. And also, speaking of burying animals, it used to be legal in Florida to bury gopher tortoises alive when clearing land for construction. Since they don’t actually make their own burrows and use holes dug by other animals, they couldn’t dig themselves out and were literally smothered to death. Now, before you undertake a construction project, you have to survey the land for the presence of gopher tortoises, and if there are any, you have to hire a certified person (usually a biologist) to relocate them.

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