Still Not Sure

It’s Day 2, just about 24 hours since the gunshot, and I still haven’t been able to confirm whether or not the mama fox is dead. I haven’t seen her, which is very unusual. Normally she comes through the yard every hour or so. The crows, too, have been quiet. Typically they track the fox all day and sound the fox alarm when she’s nearby. Not today.

I’ve gone door-to-door and talked to all but one of my neighbors. One other family heard the shot, and they think they know where it came from. This person – where the shot came from – has chickens, and he has shot wildlife before. He’s a tad reclusive and didn’t answer his door when I knocked.

The kit is in and out of the den. She looks to be in good shape. I admit I’ve started leaving out hard boiled eggs for her, and she’s been grabbing them and taking them back into the den. I also left out a bowl of water, but she grabbed that and took it into the den, too, emptying the water in the process. So I put out a much bigger bowl. 🙂

I contacted Fish & Game, and I have a couple phone numbers for wildlife rehabilitators who will take the kit, provided I can catch it. I think I can probably coax her into a Havahart, but I want to wait a while, just in case her mama is alive and I’ve just been missing her.

So, that’s Day 2. I’m still hoping Mama Fox just changed her route, and she’s been here right along. Time will tell.



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