I’m a Wreck.

There was a gunshot maybe 90 minutes ago, nearby. Very nearby. I think it had to be someone shooting at the fox, since she’s the only predator out and about at this time of day.

Lots of people here have chickens—I can’t blame anyone for protecting their flocks. I mean, there are chicken feathers in my yard (looks like it was a Rhode Island red), so Mama fox has been successful in killing someone’s hen.

But I hope they missed. The kit is sitting outside the den waiting for her, and I haven’t seen her—since the gunshot.

There is only one adult fox and one kit, so something already happened to the rest of the family. I guess if the mama doesn’t come back, I’ll trap the little guy and get him/her to a wildlife rehabilitator. Can’t let the little thing starve, and I don’t want to make it dependent on people.




3 thoughts on “I’m a Wreck.

  1. Sad. Has mom turned up yet? I am “friends” on Facebook with a place called the South Florida Wildlife Center (I know one of their vets), and just today they posted photos of 3 little fox kits they’ve rescued…not sure I’ve ever seen fox kits before. As an aside, they did a post yesterday saying they have 360 orphans: 200 opossums, 40 raccoons, 16 squirrels, and 104 birds right now…and now three fox kits. They are trying to raise money to build a fox habitat. I hope you find a place for your baby.

  2. Oh no! Poor little guy. My sister is a wildlife rehabilitator, and I’ve got to say, the work these people do is so impressive. (we’ve found a lot of parallels to the EMS world, lol.) Right now, she has three tiny raccoons – eyes not even opened, and I know she will save them. A year or two ago, she got a little fox who her dog became very attached to – they had a hard time letting him go! Hope you find somebody good for your little guy!

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