Changes Are Life

I tell myself, without change, life would hardly be worth living. And although changes are hard, they are necessary if we are to learn and grow and become more than we already are.

Several weeks ago I abandoned my blog. Sorry! For those who’ve been caught up in the story of Frankie and Johnnie, all is well. But they are no longer here. They’ve moved to a friend’s house around the corner.

And Frankie is a rooster. He may not have a comb or wattles, but his tail is most definitely not that of a hen. I expect he’ll begin to crow any day now. Good for him. 🙂

But back to changes. Due to many circumstances, mostly health concerns, I’ve reached a point where I can no longer afford the occupants of the baby blue barn.

It’s Lyme disease, mostly. I’m a massage therapist with hands that are too swollen and painful to work – at least, not enough to support two horses and a pile of chickens. I’m fine for a while, but I see the day when I’ll have to part with this life. And rather than wait until I can’t provide at all, I’ve decided to start now, while there’s still a small cushion and no one is in danger of starving.

So I’ve been searching for homes for the horses, and feeling down, and this has resulted in my absence from the blog. I didn’t have much happy to say, so I said nothing.

But this has been a good week, so I’m back. 🙂

Louise, my adorable paint mare, underwent surgery last Friday, thanks to an injury to her foot. She’s home and doing well, and she should be fine. She also has a wonderful home to go to once she’s recovered. I’ll miss her terribly, but I know she’ll be in a good place, loved and well cared for. Yay!

Lucy, my buckskin Connemara cross, is looking for a home. I’ll be taking my time and finding a perfect match. She’s special too.

The chickens have found a home 1/10th of a mile down the road. I visit them often, but they are no longer mine. Their new owner loves them, and they have several acres to roam, so many new bugs to find.

I’ll post more as I figure out these life changes, make sure everyone is okay, and say goodbye to the baby blue barn.


8 thoughts on “Changes Are Life

  1. Oh Nancy that’s terrible! I just looked up Lyme disease because we don’t have it here, at least I don’t think we do. You are getting treatment right? And you will be ok… right?

    I agree that change always leads to growth if you let it and it sounds as if you are embracing the positive instead of wallowing in the negative so I hope the future holds bright things for you. And that you keep on posting!

    p.s. so Frankie is a boy! I’m so glad the two of them are in good homes.

    • Lyme, once it’s chronic, is difficult to “cure.” But it can be managed. I’ve had it under control for years, but I guess it’s managed to circumvent the protocol I’ve been using, and it’s time to learn new tactics. All will be well. Just have to change my focus for a while. 🙂

      • Ah I see 😦

        In theory I know change can lead to good things so I hope you discover a whole lot of silver linings to your clouds!

  2. So sorry to hear this news. I know so many people (and horses) who have chronic Lyme and I know how debilitating it can be. I’m happy to hear that Louise is doing well and has a new home to look forward to; I hope you have equally good luck in finding Lucy a home. And it’s perfect that the chickens are so close! I’ll miss reading about their adventures, but I’m sure you’ll find something to entertain us with.

    • Thank you, Sue. Louise will entertain us for a couple more months, and I imagine it will be a while before I find the right match for Lucy. She’s a quirky thing – sweet and kind, but used to being ridden and managed by one person. Aw well – her soul mate is out there somewhere.

  3. I can so understand your reasons and know you will have found the best place for the Cheezit, but will be so desperately sad not to be hearing about our girl and especially not to watch you two having FUN together having had such a traumatic journey together.

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