Meeting the Flock

Frankie and Johnnie have been spending more and more time with the adults, and I expect they’ll move to the coop in a week or so. I worry about them being on their own. We do get the occasional hawk, and they’re both big enough now to be of interest.

I love how Johnnie jumps up next to one of the grownups and immediately assumes an attitude of subservience. The hen pecks her anyway, but not hard – just enough to remind her who’s in charge. Meanwhile Frankie pretends not to notice – too busy grooming. I think that scar itches as she grows and stretches it.

The hen in front of Frankie is the one who ate Frankie’s head. It’s also the hen who hatched Johnnie. She’s a flighty thing, prone to hysterics. The only time I ever managed to catch her was when I took her away from a hawk.


5 thoughts on “Meeting the Flock

  1. They have grown so much! I don’t know how long chicks take to become adults but I’m already starting to feel a little sad that these gorgeous babies won’t be babies for much longer. -smacks self-

    • They are getting big. They’re about a third of an adult in weight now. I tried them in the coop tonight, but they were getting pecked, and poor Frankie doesn’t have any protection on her head. So they’re back in the kitchen. As usual. 🙂 They may get their own coop. I have one that isn’t being used. It even has a nice run attached where they can be safe when I’m not home.

  2. I’m surprised at how bad the scarring is on Frankie; that was a very bad injury and it is a miracle that she survived. I love hearing about her.

  3. Those two hens have the most beautiful feathers. I’m casting my vote for Frankie and Johnnie to have their own coop! I couldn’t bear to hear that Frankie had been injured again, and if I can’t bear it, well then, there’s you 🙂

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