Frankie’s Friend Needs a Name

Frankie and her little friend are very happy together. They spend most of the day indoors, but I get them out several times a day for bug hunting and dust bathing. Once they’re old enough to deal with temperature swings and bossy hens, they’ll move to the coop and take their place in the flock.

I think they’re both girls, but I’ve been wrong before. Anyone want to suggest a name for Frankie’s little sister? I’m pretty sure they’re both from the same hen/rooster combination – just hatched under different hens. And, a bit of irony – Frankie’s genetic mom, the one who laid the egg she hatched from, is the same hen who attacked her. Silly thing.

Lest anyone thing she’s some sort of horrible, baby-eating zombie hen, you have to realize – she’s a chicken. They regularly go after small rodents – chipmunks, mice – anything they think might bother their eggs. The hen just got confused, saw Frankie as a threat to her eggs, and did what any mother would do.

Any confused, psychotic chicken mother, that is.


One thought on “Frankie’s Friend Needs a Name

  1. I know, I know! How about Lizzie? I had to look it up, because I couldn’t remember, but I looked up the name of Dr. Frankenstein’s girlfriend in the original 1931 movie (and I presume the book too) and it was Elizabeth. Wouldn’t Frankie and Lizzie be cute?

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