Frankie Is Fine


Frankie and her mom spent a lot of time in the coverall yesterday. It’s a big tarp building with lots of junk to sit on and lots of dry dirt for dust baths.The other chickens accept Frankie just fine, and her mom won’t let the grumpy hen anywhere near her.

I hadn’t planned on Frankie, but now that we have one chick, I let another hatch so Frankie will have a friend once her mother cuts her off. She looks just like Frankie, except for the head, of course.


And if the world gets to be too much, there’s always Mama’s wing to hide under.


4 thoughts on “Frankie Is Fine

  1. I can’t see the new chick. I need an arrow šŸ™‚ Chick is HERE (arrow). I am so happy that Frankie is out of the woods, so to speak. it’s been an amazing journey, and I hope you know that your friends MUSt be updated on Frankie’s’ life from here on out. Quite a task! I think Frankie is now the most well-known chicken on the planet.

  2. She’s not in the photo, but she is in the video up top. Cute little thing. Her mom is the one who scalped Frankie. :-/
    We’ve had a death in the family and will be heading to Florida tonight. Hope all goes well with the little chicklet while we’re gone.

  3. Hmmm – must have to go to It’s not a good video – too bright for my cheap little camera today. šŸ™‚

    Thank you. Zia Lidia was special – sweetest woman in the world.

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