A Chick in the Sun

As Frankie grows, her scar seems smaller by comparison. I love how she now has skin and teeny feathers the full length of her neck. And her face has grown back. She has maple-colored fuzz all the way around her eyes now, and her pretty markings have reappeared.

All in all, Frankie is a happy, healthy chick. Her mom keeps trying to feed her new things, but the little cheese addict is suspicious of bugs and worms.

They sure are thrilled to be outside after all the rain. 😀


3 thoughts on “A Chick in the Sun

  1. She has grown so much! And seems to be trying to grow a little tail 🙂 Apparently she’s okay with seeds, even if bugs are still taboo. She also seems to still have a healthy fear of other big chickens except Mama, understandably.

    • I was going to ask about the other big chickens as Frankie looked a little worried by the other hen in the video. Do you still have the aggro hen? And is she ok with Frankie now?

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