Chickens at the Door

Frankie and her mom spent a lot of time on the front stoop today, waiting for the door to open so they could get back to their kitchen coop. Every time I went out, I had to be careful not to let Mama get herself trapped behind the screen door.

I left them out for 7 hours. They’re in now, stuffing cheese into their beaks.


11 thoughts on “Chickens at the Door

  1. Man, they are good. Mama Chicken has perfected looking pitiful and abandoned 🙂 And Frankie is getting better at flying…although we haven’t seen whether she can fly UP yet. I love these updates.

  2. -grin- I never thought of chickens as being very smart before but Mama has learned that IN is very good and OUT is not where she wants to be. I think you may have permanent house guests 😀

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