Good Try

Had to post one more video. Frankie isn’t strong enough to fly yet, but she does try. Her mom has been trying to get her to jump up onto the front stoop. One of these days she’ll make it.

The chickens to her right are Firebird (my favorite rooster) and Westley, named after the character in The Princess Bride because I found her cold and lifeless when she was only a few hours old. But like her namesake, she was only mostly dead. šŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Good Try

      • Oh that is a major milestone, both physically and mentally. She may have been bashed around the head with a sharp beak but she certainly hasn’t suffered any cognitive damage. I just love seeing and hearing about this little survivor’s progress!

      • She’s a cutie. She and her mom are still kinda living in the kitchen. They go outside, and they’ve been spending some time with the rest of the flock. But Mama pecks at the door when she wants in. She thinks this is her coop.

      • Oops – Mama is one smart hen. Good luck with getting them both to live outside again šŸ˜€ Maybe a nice little nest box next to the fire? Little chickie slippers… šŸ˜‰

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