Frankie Explores New Things

Frankie and her mom have been exploring farther and farther from the front steps, which makes me nervous. So I keep tossing out bits of cheese to draw them back. I would have been a terrible mother. If I’d had children, they’d be in their 30’s by now and still living at home.

Mama hen is trying to introduce Frankie to new foods – grass seeds and small bugs. Frankie shows no interest in these exotic meals. I suspect she’s holding out for more cheese.

Most Old English Game chicks her age are pretty good at flying, but Frankie is pretty much glued to the ground. I think it’s because she has a film of antibiotic ointment kinda dispersed throughout her feathers. Hope it wears off soon so she can keep up with her mom.

All in all, though, she’s looking good. 😀


2 thoughts on “Frankie Explores New Things

  1. No, Nancy, you wouldn’t have been a terrible mother. If your children were in their 30’s and still at home, take my word for it, you’d be leaving a trail of cheese AWAY from your house hoping they’d follow!! When they’re small, I like you (and I’m still this way with my grandkids) Iwanted all my little chicks under my wings. I hated when they were out of my sight. For some reason mother’s think they can protect their children, and to a certain point they can. But, once their babies start school, they are on their on for many hours of the day and we have to let go!! That’s one thing I hated about substitute teaching at the elementary level…kids were leaving the classroom all the time going to other teachers for special instruction…I hated that! I wanted all those little chicks with me as well. I’m glad you’re little Frankie is doing better.

    • I had to be gone for about 5 hours today, and I was gonna leave them out. But when I went to leave, Mama hen walked right into the kitchen and headed for her cage. So I got a reprieve – left them in until I was here to keep an eye on them. I’m hopeless. 🙂

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