Frankenchick, Day 6

I think Frankie is definitely out of the woods. Now we just have to hope she forms good, flexible scar tissue that lets her move freely. I’ve kept the scar slathered with antibiotic ointment, and so far, so good.

Her bad eye is more than half open, and she seems to see out of it well. Her appetite is good, and the itching is getting better every day. I think this is about the best we can hope for. She’s one tough little chick. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Frankenchick, Day 6

  1. This is a great little video. I love that it shows how an adult chicken (which cannot see her own feet, after all) will scratch at the ground and then jump backwards to see what she’s dug up.

    • Yup. 🙂 The chicks don’t have this concept yet, They still think someone’s gonna feed them, so they spend half their time grabbing food from each other’s beaks. I mean, that’s what Mama’s beak was for. 😀

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