Frankie, Day 4

Little Frankie was injured four days ago by a grumpy hen (who shall remain nameless, as she’s just a chicken and doesn’t know she’s a big meanie pants).

The good news: Frankie is getting stronger and steadier on her feet, she’s eating well, and the eye that was glued shut is starting to open. Yay! I’ve managed to trim off most of her mom’s feathers – the ones that were glued to Frankie’s head. So she looks a little less like a Polish chick – the ones with the fancy hair do’s – and a little more like a proper Old English Game chick.

The bad news – she is starting to itch. I know this means she’s healing, but I’m afraid she may damage herself with the scratching. I keep slathering her with antibiotic ointment – I shudder to think what the underside of her mom looks like. But if I have to intervene … I have no idea how I’d make a cone of shame small enough for a bantam chick.

But if I have to…


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