Frankenchick Is On the Mend

The injured chick is doing better and better. She’s eating and drinking on her own, getting steadier on her feet, and doesn’t show any obvious signs of pain. Yay!

Here’s a short video. Youtube

The feathers on her head belong to her mother. They’ve healed into the wound, and I guess they’ll have to heal their way back out. I do trim them, but as she gets more and more active, it gets harder to do anything of a non-risky nature with scissors.

Over all, she’s doing remarkably well. šŸ˜€ (Note I’m calling it her. I really have no idea if it’s a pullet or a cockerel, but I’m hoping pullet.)


9 thoughts on “Frankenchick Is On the Mend

  1. I’m not really a big fan of chickens but that chick was so cute I couldn’t help wanting to cuddle her/him/it šŸ™‚ What a little survivor. What’s in store for the rest of its life?

    • What? Not a fan of chickens? Say it isn’t so. šŸ™‚
      Hopefully Frankie will heal up well enough to join the flock. They free-range here. Their job is to eat ticks. It’s a good chicken life.

    • Thank you, Linda. šŸ™‚ She’s starting to get itchy today. My mom always said that was a sign of healing, but I’m afraid this poor chick will get itchier than most. Wonder if I can safely use any anti-itch products on it.

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